National YoYo Contest 2022 & Regionals Postponement

The state of regionals for the 2022 season:
Our advisory board met to discuss the rescheduling of PNWR and other regionals for the 2022 season leading to Nationals in June. We came to the decision that in order to run the best National contest we can it is best to focus our time, energy, and efforts on the one larger event. We have decided to therefore postpone all regionals to follow the National YoYo Contest. Regionals will resume in the fall of 2022 for a cohesive return to the 2023 National Yo-Yo League Contest season.

We are excited to announce that the National YoYo Contest will be taking place June 24th, 25th, and 26th 2022 in Mesa Arizona.

Full website with information about the event, hotel, venue, and covid safety is now available at

Expect regular updates coming and we look forward to seeing everything in Mesa Arizona!

4 thoughts on “National YoYo Contest 2022 & Regionals Postponement”

  1. Good morning. Do you have any idea when and where the 2023 contest will be? My son asks me constantly, and I think he’s going to explode if I don’t get him some answer. Even if you don’t know yet, if you could estimate some date by which a decision might be made, it would help me out.

      1. Hi Thad,

        I’m actually looking for information about Regional competitions in 2023. We live in western Montana (which is way, WAY closer to Seattle than Minnesota) but I see no information on Northwestern Regional competitions. Much like Chris’s comment from above, I’ve got a son that is going to explode if we can’t nail down some detail on how to get him into a competition.

        Thanks for your thoughts!

        1. We just got a date all but confirmed for PNWR 2023 – April 22nd, 2023 in Seattle at the Seattle Center. Midwest Regional is currently scheduled for April 29th, 2023 at the Mall of America in Minneapolis.

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