Learn How to Click Freestyles: Become a Shadow Judge!

Gain New Experience and Discover the Secrets of Contest Judging with the Shadow Judges Training Program

Grab a pair of clickers, an index card + golf pencil, available at the YoYoExpert Booth! 

The clicker held in your dominant hand is for counting positive + points, and the other clicker in your non-dominant hand is for counting negative – points. 

Click +1 for every trick the player does successfully. 

+2 or +3 clicks but only if the trick is truly risky and really deserves it! 

-1 click on the other clicker to count any mistakes. 

Before the next player starts, quickly jot down your scores, and always double-check the numbers before resetting both clickers back to zero. 

Clicking freestyles is a fun and engaging way for spectators to enjoy yo-yo competitions! 

Reveal new insights into the judging system! 

If you record and submit a full set of clicker scores for all the players in a division, after the contest you’ll get feedback based on your scores in comparison to the actual contest results!